We Dreamt of Gardens on Linoleum Floors

by Ryan Freeman

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Follow up to the massive worldwide hit, Snowbird. Again, recorded on Garageband.


released April 26, 2016

Special thanks to my iPhone and host family, who were both forced to listen to me on a regular basis.



all rights reserved


Ryan Freeman San Diego, California

Ryan Freeman has been writing music for the past eight years. Having received a classical education, he switched over to guitar and never looked back. He finished college in the Los Angeles area and then, as any other sensible graduate, left to study Russian in Kazakhstan for eight months. Upon returning, he plans to return to his home town of San Diego and talk more in the third person. ... more

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Track Name: American Wanderer
Verse 1
Your eyes were like embers in the flames
We danced but only when it’d start to rain
Hummingbird, come fly back to your favorite flower bed
There’s no apology that needs to be said

Verse 2
In June you’d be the light to cure my doom and gloom
Every time you left it’d always feel too soon
On river banks we’d watch the clouds roll by slow and fast
We’d have sourdough and merlot in the grass

My American Wanderer
Where have you gone to lay?
I’ve got no more diamonds or promises that I can trade
I wish you’d ask me how I’m getting by
‘Cause the road’s been rough since you left my side

Verse 3
You called three hours before sunlight
You’re God knows where, I hope the weather’s fine
In fall in our tired and haunted town
You ask me where to meet if I’m around
Well I, I dropped your pleading voice on the floor
I can’t take my Wanderer anymore
Track Name: Boat Song
Verse 1
On this boat are two souls, one ray
Delicate as paper machete
Torn by slightest disarray
Yet in my heart will always stay

Verse 2
Let’s see our river reflection
May moonlight be our protection
May boozy minds hide affection
Both so afraid of rejection

Verse 3
Our candle may now be fading
But please never end this feeling
This one night, though ever-fleeting
Is still in my heart worth keeping

Verse 4
I timidly grasp for your hand
Peer through your eyes of finest sand
Searching for you to understand
Then we disembark, back on land
Track Name: A Night In The Old World
Verse 1
Midnight, no light
Stumbling, so blind
Caught in cobblestones and chardonnay
One flask, per mass
Repeat the past
Dream in black and white on chapel roofs

When broken bones and bottles
Cannot pull back on the throttle
A midnight stroll through the Old World
Can do some good
A midnight stroll through the Old World
Can do some good

Verse 2
Homeless Christmas
Lost in the mist
Wondering who is wandering in the snow
So stay someday
On a holiday
Laying in the sun with no remorse


Claiming sense while running from any change
Your mind can’t make up what to save or rearrange
Waiting for some foreign prince or princess
To break this hopeless cycle of loneliness

Track Name: I'm Sorry, I Love You
Verse 1
Remember the words that we would share?
In the shade of our oak tree so fair
We could lay there for hours with no end
Bathing in every second that Time would lend

Verse 2
You would hold me close when I’d despair
Can you feel my heart bleeding with every tear?
We’ve got no agenda but to adore
We tossed the planner, can’t fake it anymore

In our place, in our place, in our place
In our space, in our space, in our space

Verse 3
Think about after but not before
We dreamt of gardens on linoleum floors
My rambling monologues only you can endure
While so much is uncertain we are for sure


Though sometimes I might fuck up
You will always hear me say:
“I’m sorry (comma) I love you”
“I’m sorry (comma) I love you”
“I’m sorry (comma) I love you”
Track Name: Farewell, Old Friend
Verse 1
Farewell, old friend
This ain’t the end
You’re the one on whom I most depend
Take care out there
Though life’s unfair
You can always swing by if you care

Don’t turn down the music
Don’t turn off the lights
Don’t let all the demons
Drain away your fight
Don’t let all the demons
Drain away your fight

Verse 2
So long my dear
No need to fear
Though the future stays so unclear
Goodbye, my guide
I’m so tongue tied
All the words we shared have left my side