by Ryan Freeman

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In Snowbird, I tried to best represent my own take of the indie/folk who artists I have come to enjoy. More music to come in the very near future!


released April 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Ryan Freeman San Diego, California

Ryan Freeman has been writing music for the past eight years. Having received a classical education, he switched over to guitar and never looked back. He finished college in the Los Angeles area and then, as any other sensible graduate, left to study Russian in Kazakhstan for eight months. Upon returning, he plans to return to his home town of San Diego and talk more in the third person. ... more

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Track Name: Snowbird
Verse 1
Snowbird, you drove into my life
In the winter, you say the weather's nice down
Here, while the North is wrapped in blankets of snow
Snowbird, you're a real Nervous Nancy
But I adore you, you brought you petticoat though
The nights never dip below 60 degrees

Verse 2
Break me, like the ice on your front porch
Won't you take me, like the tourists take their umbrellas
To the sand, where they burn, never tan
You fought me, on every headline news
That you brought me, in hotel lobby bars
Where we lose all our Christian names

We drank and talked until the dawn
You'd excuse yourself with a yawn
So when the rumors come to a still
After the neighbors have had their fill
Will your nest still lie on my window sill?

Verse 3
Remember, when we danced and watched ourselves
In the mirror, I thought I knew your eyes
But the light always played tricks on me
When May came, you packed up all your bags
With no warning, you flew North to find your kind
Not a feather to remember you by

Would you kiss me
If I ever saw you again?
Do you miss me?
Cause Snowbird, I miss you every Spring
Track Name: Concert Hall
Verse 1
When I need
I gaze across
The stony fields
You held me
As I cried
You whispered
My eyes, they dried

You could
Have it all
In our concert hall

Verse 2
When I dream
Of lovers
I see your
Sun-bleached brown hair
You found me
In May skies
Survived the winter

You could
Have it all
In our concert hall
See you
In limelight
Finally right

Verse 3
I'll tell you
In new words
On old terms
In reflection
I miss your
Beaded eyes
Your nose pressed
On my worn-out sleeve

Come back now
Don't know how
We'll find how
Just come back now
Track Name: All At Once
Verse 1
I'm less frightened of the dark than the lightning
Of an August summer storm
The church bells swing in the wind
Calling us lovers back to shore

Verse 2
With sails all pointing north
To the reaches of all stars unknown
Checking the time anxiously
Weeks turn to seconds shattered on the floor

I gave you my honey and mulled wine
Yet in return not even a sign
The morning's rays will take you far
Like watercolors freed from the tar

I wanted to have summer and winter
All at once

Verse 3
If you could sing your deepest note
Would it echo through the blindness in the snow?
If I could see you one last time
I would break the ice that has spread so slow


Track Name: Galileo
Verse 1
I’ve been counting all the stars
Some are near but most are far
It’s you and I, not me and you
Doesn’t matter when both are true
Noah, Noah let’s go home
Bora Bora ain’t no Rome
Don’t cut me out, please let me in
Don’t think about the where and when

Let’s go to the horn of Africa
Let’s run through the snow in Canada
I don’t know, where we will go, where we will go
Let’s jump past the canal of Panama
Sightseeing through South America
I don’t know, where we will go, where we will go

Verse 2
You wished for eternal spring
If that were true then you’d be king
You might think that it’s insane
When men you love don’t know your name
Well “I love you” is just three words
Sometimes sober, mostly slurred
Peter, Peter can I come?
Our parents fight but I’m in love


To the moon, Galileo, to the moon
To the Northern Star where you belong
Skip by the Sistine Chapel and to the Salton Sea
To the moon, Galileo, to the moon